Former Celtic striker Jonathan Afolabi who was let go this summer has found a new club.

The former Southampton trainee never made it into the first team at Celtic after signing under Neil Lennon’s stewardship of the club when they signed a few young Irish talents.

Soccer Football – Scottish Premiership – Celtic v Motherwell – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – May 14, 2022 Celtic fans REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

Luca Connell, Lee O’Connor and Jonathan have all been moved on from the club after failing to make the grade.

It’s now been confirmed the striker has joined Irish side Bohemian’s.

Celtic’s youth policy is currently under construction. The Lowland league gave youth players a chance to play competitive football last season and they’re again in the competition.

We aren’t seeing the fruits from those efforts yet, but in the next two years, you hope some stand outs emerge.

Stephen McManus and Darren O’Dea are tasked with bringing players through an academy they both graduated from once upon a time.

Hopefully, it starts paying dividends.


  1. Wasted his time signing for Celtic. How many of these prospects ever got a chance? What did the scouts see in any of them if they spend 3 years in the B team then transfer to a club 4 or 5 levels below? Scatter-gun cheap signings, pointless for all parties. Here’s hoping this has finished. Give the local guys a chance before buying someone else’s youth prospects.

    • We need to scour the globe trying to pick up these guys before the more affluent clubs do. If we spot someone, whether he is from Coatbridge, Coventry or Cork and think he is a good prospect, we’d be mad to ignore him. Unfortunately, very few make the grade but that has always been the case out of the many thousands that we see.


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