Former Celtic winger and now turned pundit, Davie Provan has agreed with former Ireland international, Gary Breen’s comments regarding the quality of Scottish Football.

In his last column for the Sun, Provan was quick to jump at the fact this move is a ‘step down’ for defender Shane Duffy, who Breen commented on during the week.

Whilst Provan did suggest that Breen’s comments were wrong when it came to Duffy at international level, he did agree with him on the standard of Scottish Football.

“We’re in denial if we ignore Breen’s assessment of our game.

“Look no further than our clubs’ results in Europe for confirmation. The only place to measure the strength of your game is in European competition.

“Scottish football is still paying the price of Rangers liquidation and the lunatic decision to put them in the bottom league.

“When Ronny Deila is winning the title by 17 points, it says much about the quality of opposition. Celtic suffered more than any other club through Gers’ demotion.”

I do see the point that Provan is trying to make but at the same time I personally think it’s a bit harsh.

Of course, the standard of our game isn’t going to be the same as the English Premier League but to be honest that would be extremely hard considering the amount of money involved down south.

Scottish Football has always had its critics and at times you understand why. There is some quality here though across the country.

Recently we have four Scottish Clubs enter the play-off draw for the Europa League, that’s got to be a good sign?

Our game definitely has its faults but at times it can be criticised too heavily in my opinion. We should be trying to big it up as much as we possibly can, when people like Provan are talking in the press, instead of knocking it down again as we usually do.


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