As priorities go, we know this isn’t and shouldn’t be at the top of anybodies list given the current circumstances.

However, while we’re all in lockdown hoping to starve this pandemic of oxygen, a Celtic supporters group has stepped in and set up an online petition which will directly deal with Glasgow City Council’s plans to stop people parking within a mile of Celtic Park or even more on match days.

The proposal has been in the works for over two years and before the shutdown, there was a pre-hearing to establish what was on the table come the actual hearing.

When football does come back, there’s a real possibility this could be introduced and Celtic fans would be pushed back to Bridgeton and passed the forge on match days.

The supporters group has set up a petition to send to the GCC for consideration during the hearing. While you’re in lockdown, take a minute out of your day to sign this petition and help them get the ball rolling.

Sign Here: GCC Parking Petition

Celtic FC SLO has thrown his backing behind it.


  1. Remember a petition with lots of names on it is only 1 letter – if this becomes a planning issue for instance everyone should send in signed letters – they all have to be registered and noted in any decisions – so say 60,000 letters has more impact than 1 letter


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