CELTIC have taken a massive step in the right direction when it comes to their women’s side. They have introduced and promoted Season tickets and the opportunity to become a Patron of the women’s team.

We spoke to Celtic Women’s team manager, Fran Alonso a few weeks ago and asking him if he thought the club were backing the ghirls enough.

The Spaniard was clear the club are making sustainable progress and building something that the club can be proud of.

While that won’t happen overnight, the signs of progress are there.

The biggest thing for Celtic is getting eyes on the women’s team. If like us, you’ve been doing your best to follow the latest games and goings-on – it can be difficult to navigate.

We need as much simplified access as possible and make it easy for Celtic fans to come in and support the ghirls.

Putting out season ticket for this term is a big step in the right direction.

The only drawback is because of Celtic’s Europa League inclusion, there can be time clashes on Sundays. However, if you want to support the ghirls and get down to see them in action at The Penny Cars Stadium, Airdrie, the information is below.

Season Ticket:


Become a Patron:




    • Completely agree with you. If they can’t be self-funding they ought not to exist. It’s not football anyway, too many 10-0 scorelines for it to be taken seriously. Would rather watch a pack of dogs over the park chase about a burst ball.

  1. Hope this isn’t a prelude to including the women’s team in the season ticket with an increase in price to reflect this.

    I have no interest in this nonsense and if it emerges that this is being paid for out of my season ticket money or cash generated being drawn from the men’s game or academy, I will be cancelling the season ticket I have held for over 50 years.


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