BRENDAN RODGERS is a clever man. After he seen his Celtic side fall to a 4-0 defeat against Lyon

The Irishman saw his fringe squad lose to Lyon but used the opportunity to send a message to his whole squad pool of players, that if they’re good enough, they will get their chance.

Speaking after the game, the Celtic manager took the opportunity to single out his new signing Kundai Benyu.

“We knew he was a good player. He’s played with a nice little edge, he’s competitive and confident.

“We’ve played him off a side where he can come in and help the team dominate the ball on the inside.

The invincible manager admitted that he was prepared to send his new recruit out on-loan to gain some more first team experience, but after playing so well against Lyon, he’s had a change of heart.

“I’ve sort of changed my mind, really, over the last period of time just watching him.

“I think it’s going to be good for him to see how we train, how we work, get an education in our football then review in January.”

“He’s certainly a boy who can contribute for us. He’s surprised me to be honest.

The Celtic gaffers man management skills and football intelligence proves to be one of Celtic’s greatest assets. Using the media, he has sent out a message to every single Celtic player who finds themselves on the outside looking in.

If you were in the Celtic squad and heard the manager speak highly of a youngster after an excellent performance, you would be of the mindset if you do the same you will be rewarded similarly.

Rodgers is creating greater competition within the squad and throwing down the gauntlet to the fringe players in the most subtle of ways.

Rodgers was correct to praise young Benyu, the player impressed the Celtic fans in attendance and provided a glimpse to what he can offer the team. I expect more players to step up to the plate as Celtic fight on four fronts this season.

Celtic really is the land of opportunity.


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