There are three key dates coming up for the hoops which are set in stone which kick-off this week.

After being shut down in late March, the squad haven’t been together in any capacity since then. That will change this week but only after the proper precautions have been taken.

Key date one: Wednesday, June 10

ALL Celtic players will be subject a Covid-19 test on Wednesday using the club’s new equipment to prevent a spread of the virus through their playing squad. The club have procured equipment needed to make sure they can test everyone who will be in close proximity.

Key date two: Thursday, June 11

Providing everyone is in the all-clear, the whole squad will be back training on Thursday. This will be staggered training and will take place throughout the day with five players at a time participating. This signifies the biggest step forward since this crisis. The bhoys being able to train and prepare for a new season is monumental. Considering in April we were looking at the prospect of no football for the rest of the year, potentially.

Key date three: Thursday, June 18th

The day UEFA will be meeting to discuss pivotal matters in relation to next season’s European competitions (Read More Here). Celtic, like many other clubs, are unsure if there will be the opportunity to land a sizeable windfall by getting into the Champions League. Given restrictions and restraints which could be in play – the bhoys don’t know if qualifiers will be set at the usual or there could be dispensation or a shorter knockout play-off to determine entrants.


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