Albion Rovers chairman Ronny Boyd was very candid about his clubs financial situation prior to drawing Celtic in a money-spinning Scottish Cup fixture that will see the club benefit from a huge cash boost.

Speaking to the Evening times Ronnie spoke of the hardships and the measly amount of money Rovers got for the last round, dispensing of Queen of the South.

“Beating Queen of the South at home in the last round was a hugely important result for this football club. But to give you an idea of what the situation is, we made the grand total of £800 from the game. That was our share of the gate. We are going to make a bit more on Sunday”

Asked if Albion’s immediate existence was at risk before this tiebeind drawn Boyd admitted – “We were struggling,”.

The game itself has been moved from Albion Rovers’ home in Coatbridge to the Excelsior stadium in Airdrie where it has become a sellout. Over 10,000 tickets have been sold ensuring a massive jolt to the clubs coffers.

“Financially, it’s huge,” said Boyd as chat in the boardroom. “As chairman of the club, and without getting into all the details, I can say this will move us from a battle for survival this season to stability for the next year or so. It’s that big. “

Celtic and Albion Rovers has history dating back over half a century. Their biggest thing in common being the late great Jock Stein who played for both clubs during his playing career. Going on to be one of the greatest figures in Celtic’s history.

The game should be a special occasion for both supporters.

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  1. “The game should be a special occasion for both supporters.”

    They’ll make even less than the £800 from the last round if only two supporters turn up!! ?


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