When considering how good a player you have on your hands, there is always a temptation to overstate; especially when talking about someone at the club you support.

When that person is Kieran Tierney you can assess it either with or without the green tinted glasses and still reach the same conclusion – the confirmation that he’s an outstanding talent.

As we move into the second half of January and towards the business end of the transfer window it has been suggested that Celtic’s resolve will be tested to the max with regards to our left back. Today alone he’s been linked with four of England’s biggest teams with offers exceeding £10m said to be imminent.

I’ll stop short of saying what I think the player is worth. There’s no left sided defender operating anywhere on the planet who I would trade KT for. He’s THAT good in my humble opinion. What that translates to in pounds and pence is anyone’s guess albeit the £10m that’s being quoted falls short, a long long way short when you consider what Manchester United paid for Luke Shaw.

Like any player, Kieran can be replaced but given what I’ve said above, you can throw any amount of money you want at it but you will not find a better player out there in that position that fits Celtic so well. This youngster hits the byline more often than your average winger and his delivery (once he gets there) is fantastic.

This is a player who is extremely happy to be where he is and no amount of money should convince us otherwise.



  1. Here, here……………. £10m would be a deposit.

    Just another example of the EPL big guys thinking they can get a player from Scotland for buttons…….well think again.

    We need KT abd Moussa for next season’s CL qualifying campaign, there us no way either will be moving in this or the next window.

  2. would surely depend on what the bid is?

    Id love us to be at a level where we can retain our best players, I still fantasise about Victor and Virgil still being in this team, sadly our environment makes that difficult.

    For what its worth I dont see KT going anywhere soon but a 10m bid is not enough when you consider some of the over rated dross being traded for far more, even if they do have an EPL pedigree

  3. £10 million who are they kidding Kieran is worth more than double that going by today’s prices and Celtic do not need to sell him so I know Brendan like the fans does not wish to loose this starlet so I hope Peter Lawell gets any notion of selling him out of his head remember fan power is stronger than the board.

  4. Agree with Overandout – £10 m is laughable – talking about £15m for 35 year old Defoe in the crazy market down south then at least £20m for KT. Anyway he is happy where he is!

  5. Love watching all the ex celts stealing the show down south knowing that Celtic f.c made them or helped them become the superstars they are today we are a feeder club for the big fish but it stops us from being tiddlers selling players for a decent amount as long as the main shareholders learn to regurgitate some of the fish food


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