Since VAR has been introduced, it feels like every time a Celtic player’s hand has gotten near the ball in the box, VAR has come into play and awarded the opposition a penalty.

It’s been a source of real frustration for Celtic and the manager as we’re told to breeze past the ‘teething problems’ with VAR.

IF we’re all subject to the same rules and the officials are consistent, then we must live with their decisions. However, we’re in trouble again when the waters are muddied so much that we now have a pick-and-choose facility regarding the handball rule.

REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

The first night back, the tone has been set, and we hope to see the rules applied this weekend.

There was a clear handball in the box against Rangers at Ibrox on Thursday evening when Hibernian were in the lead. By the standards set by the officials against Celtic, this should have been awarded as a penalty. It wasn’t even reviewed!

Celtic take on Aberdeen this Saturday in the early afternoon kick-off. Can we expect the VAR officials to allow decisions like this to go unchecked?

VAR is supposed to be there to help referees, but only if they use it correctly. The same human error and idiocy still remain, technology or not.



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