It was one of the most surreal night’s I can remember having at Celtic Park.

The team were thoroughly outplayed by a very good technical well-organised side, there’s no shame in that at all. We should also take some sort of comfort from the fact that even though we were outplayed, had it not been for individual errors we may have snuck out with an undeserved point.

Before kick off I sensed something was amiss. After you’ll walk alone echoed around Celtic Park then the noise as the Champions League music hit the volume immediately went down. For anyone who has been to Celtic Park on a raucous European Celtic night you would have noticed that for the first 10 minutes of the game the crowd are on top of the opposition and the noise is deafening – not this time. The crowd went quiet and all that could be heard was the GB and their drum trying to wake everybody up.

It was as if there was an expectation that we were just going to turn up and win this one from some fans who don’t know a lot about BMG and we would cheer accordingly when the goals flew in. It was either that or the opposition weren’t box office for some of the fans energy. Whatever it was it didn’t help on a night where Celtic were up against it from the start.

We already have our match report up so I will not delve into the specifics. It was a night where Celtic and the fans got a reality check. Rodgers said after the match we were beaten by a much better side, Kolo came out and faced the cameras and knew he played his part in the loss. Something I won’t hold against the big defender because he has been immense so far this season when called upon.

A special mention to the Monchengladbach fans who were one of the noisiest, most positive support I’ve ever seen come to Celtic Park. They were a credit to their team. It was nice to see after the game both sets of supporters applauding each other.

For now, we move on and we do so quickly. A derby date at Hampden can be a fantastic cure if the players feel like they have something to prove.



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  1. Worst atmosphere I’ve been involved in for a European night a Parkhead. One of the worst performances from the team I’ve seen at home in the cl.
    I got the feeling the fans gave up early on becaus the team clearly weren’t up for it. Not something you’d equate with us, but the fans can have an off night same as the team. BMG fans put us to shame last night.
    Players were appalling, and Rodgers made selection, and substitution mistakes IMO.
    Don’t think they weren’t box office enough for us.

  2. I feel the hurt,this team no mugs,they were up against Barca for 3/4 of their match n leading 1-0,to go down 1-2, eighth in Bundesliga n Leverkausen who r 8 or 9th in Bundesliga,were unlucky not to beat Spurs,a so called top Premiership ! We are were we are n strive for better HH !!!


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