Former Celtic youth academy player Liam Morrison has revealed it was former Celtic scout and his current agent David Moss who made the move to Bayern Munich happen in the end after rumblings the Germans were interested in him.

Morrison left Celtic officially this week having not signed a professional deal with the club he was free to head to the Bundesliga side. Celtic were desperate to keep the player but there was no changing his mind once the interest was there.

Moss used to recruit players for Celtic, now he has potentially helped move on one of our biggest defensive prospects in years.

Morrison was included in Celtic’s pre-season tour earlier this summer in a bid to get the player to change his mind but it proves futile.

Morrison, now sitting as a Bayern player has aspirations to be the best defender in the world.

He details to MailSport how the move came about.

“It was surprising when I heard. My dad and me were sitting in the livingroom watching football when a text came from my agent David Moss saying Bayern were interested ‘I turned to my dad and said, ‘no way.’ ‘We decided not to read anything into it because it might be a daft rumour or something.

‘But David contacted Bayern and came back the next day to say, ‘yeah, they want you to come over and see the campus.’ ‘It was a dream come true for a club the size of Bayern Munich to be interested in me.’

‘Ever since I started playing football as a little kid it was always my dream to move to a new country and learn a new language.

‘Celtic tried hard to keep me but my decision was already made as soon as Bayern came in.

‘I loved every minute of my time at Celtic and I have to thank every one of the people I worked with who helped me so much.’

With Celtic looking increasingly likely they will not bring in more defensive reinforcements it looks like a missed opportunity for both Morrison and Celtic.

When you’re a young lad and Bayern want you, it would be hard to turn that down. We wish him all the best.


  1. Lucky lad, getting away from Brexshit and a corrupt and morally bankrupt Scottish football scene.
    His life has just begun. Gook luck to you son.

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