After Sunday’s protest and the Celtic AGM on Monday, the Celtic Trust have announced they’ve purchased more shares in Celtic this morning.

The supporter’s group have been enjoying a bounce from fellow supporters after a tumultuous two months at the club where the board have looked to ignore and literally block Celtic fans from the outside of the stadium.

The well attended protest on Sunday was seen as a success and the video of protestors stopping to cheer the team into Celtic Park was a great touch.

The Celtic Trust want to be able to have as big a say in the club as possible but can only do it with supporters help.

Signing up from a subscription for whatever you can afford monthly allow them to buy shares and build their influence over the next five years and beyond.

The trust also implores the shareholders who don’t use their vote to come on board with them to exert as much pressure as possible on the board and how they operate.

As you can see, as soon as they receive money, they don’t hang about buying shares.


  1. Tell the Celtic Trust to go after the titles and cups which should be stripped from the liquidated club/company before obsessing about Res 12 which was only about one season.Why keep attacking a board which has helped achieve success unheard of in Our history and don’t go after the new club which operates on a loss making basis since it was formed? They are still in Europe,come on,what have you got to say about them having licence to be there?

  2. Tickets for the Titanic ‘Roll up, roll up, roll on up. Get your tickets here’.

    Aye it sank, because the look-out was drunk, and one little bit of conch shell sticking out of some frozen water. And the utter stupidity of the yard that built it, and rich idiots, as their wives huddled in four lifeboats.. Sound familiar.


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