CELTIC have been urged again to sign Robbie Brady who is currently a free agent after leaving Burnley.

The Irish international

Journalist Robbie Fulton told the RecordSport podcast Celtic should not only sign the utility man but pay him £40kpw because that’s the ‘going rate’ for a standard full back coming from the EPL.

“If Celtic can go and get him, it looks like a no-brainer.

“If they can go and get him, I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t.

“He’s an available player in a role they need to fill.

“My only thought is that he might be holding out for something. Is he 29? He’s in his peak.

“So if they can go and get him, yeah, but it might be an expensive gamble because unfortunately, the going rate now for a pretty bog-standard full-back in England at that level is probably about £40k a week.”

We can’t disagree strongly enough with this point of view.

Why would Celtic and especially Ange Postecoglou bring in a player at this juncture who has not played or had any sort of pre-season. Liam Scales and Giakoumakis have still to really get going because they bot have to get up to speed with the intense training Ange puts his players through.

By the time you sign Brady and get him in a position to start, it will likely be January!

Add to that Celtic shouldn’t be paying a player with few options anywhere near £40kpw and it should be a no go for the Hoops.

I’d like to say we’re sensible enough to not let the deal happen, but we did sign James McCarthy on a four-year deal. Nothing against signing James who could still show his worth – but a four-year deal was an outrageous move considering his age and fitness levels.


  1. This guy’s nowhere near Celtic class and there’s a reason he hasn’t found a club, HE’S NOT VERY GOOD! Celtic need to avoid this guy like the plague. The support have had our fill of expensive mistakes and paying another dud £40K a week because it’s the going rate in the EPL just shows the folly of clubs down there to pay band average player’s £2.08M a year. There’s no way, as you rightly say, this guy should be near our squad just because he’s Irish and possibly a Celtic supporter.


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