According to reports at the BBC, the SPFL is set to introduce a cost contribution scale in order to pay for the running of VAR in Scottish football next season.

Things are still being drawn up so the SPFL clubs can vote on whether to introduce the technology to our game and the SPFL board feels like this is the way to go.

It would see the most successful clubs pay the bigger percentage of the bill while the bottom of the table pay much less.

League Position Cost Contribution (%)
1st 16.29%
2nd 11.67%
3rd 10.03%
4th 8.81%
5th 8.21%
6th 7.61%
7th 6.97%
8th 6.69%
9th 6.38%
10th 6.08%
11th 5.63%
12th 5.63%


Celtic are in favour of VAR and want to see it introduced. If the technology does get the goa head, it won’t be instituted until HALF WAY through next season after the World Cup in Qatar.

It’s thought the league can’t get everything in place before the start of the new season in August and would have to wait until the following January to institute things properly.

We’ll see what the vote holds.

VAR can intervene is seven areas:

  1. For penalty box decisions/penalty kick or possible penalty kick offences.
  2. For goals scored – all goals scored, and the build up to the goal being scored, are checked under VAR.
  3. For straight red card offences, such as violent conduct and the denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity.
  4. For serious misapplications of the laws – such as a goal scored direct from a dropped ball or throw in.
  5. For cases of mistaken identity.
  6. At the taking of a penalty kick and at kicks from the penalty mark (e.g., for encroachment or goalkeeper moving from the goalline.)
  7. For serious, missed incidents in matches.


  1. So if you go to away ground and either they don’t have Var, or a correctly working Var. Can you take your own Var system and set it up and use it???

    It’s called ‘Anti electric Hun Dob in a Box’. Celtic need one. But only as good for a fair game. If used by fair, impartial and educated individuals.
    Scottish referees are neither.

    And all electric items may be foolproof, not tamper proof.

  2. How can the SPFL who put money away for rainy days not pay for VAR for all 12 clubs, after all it is for the good of our loved Scottish game and a tick in the box for SPFL on a world stage, so let us get the people who are impartial and educated individuals that can help take the mistakes our Scottish referees make in fast flowing football..

    Come SPFL put some rainy day money down and help the top 12 clubs..


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