CELTIC had to settle for a point at Easter Road but it wasn’t for the want of trying.

Celtic huffed and puffed and when they did get into the box they were brought down not once but twice and should’ve had two penalties on the day.

Kevin Clancy inexplicably waved both decisions away with the bhoys confused as to what constitutes a penalty in his eyes.

Celtic fans aren’t the only ones wondering.

BBC man Michael Stewart was live on air when he slammed the official and his team for calling both decisions wrong and not being able to see things up close he can see from the stands.

“Lewis Stevenson has got away with one there, he’s very lucky. He shouldn’t have gone in there. He didn’t need to commit, he could’ve blocked it without making a lunging tackle.” Stewart said live on BBC Radio.

Minutes later Stewart blasted the officials again.

“That’s another one. It looks a penalty to me. You could see it happening before it did. Horgan dangles his right leg and to me, he runs a massive risk.

“It’s been a poor afternoon for the officials. They’re giving things that shouldn’t be given and not awarding other things. It’s not just Kevin Clancy, it’s all the officials. We can see these decisions from the stands.”

Celtic have to chalk it up to one of those days where things just didn’t fall into place for them – two points dropped but nothing too alarming in the performance.

It’s frustrating when everyone else can see the decision but the referee and his assistants are seemingly blind to the moment.


  1. Once again another set of “honest mistakes” from referee!. It looks to me that Clancy has now been indoctrinated into the “free mason/ orange order” school of referee’s!. You are a suit bag Clancy, and never will be anything else because you have succumbed to carrying out your free mason / orange order masters orders of giving Celtic nothing and too stop nine in a row. What a prat!!! Hail Hail. Yes we WILL still win the treble..!

  2. We should demand a sports review panel the type they. Use when games are canceld. Or just have a TV rerun BT and sky sports can show it again inside 30 seconds of it happening ,giving the four officials a buzzer a yes or no choice on a penalty cheaper than var, and you can pin point the refs who have a problems with certain teams, by there choices over the year

  3. I’m baffled that anyone thinks Clancy and assistant missed these glaring offences. Like Beaton they witnessed and ignored the blatant offences and care not a jot about pride in their jobs. I wonder what their children and partners really think of them. HH

  4. Be honest with Yourselves Fellow Tims.Its just exactly what we come to expect from these Dodgy Handshake Goat Fuckers.Stop the Ten in Full View for all to Witness.And what will be done About it,SFA.Like Bauer says We have to Score to not give These Parasites the Option.☘

  5. Ah, the god auld refs eh! Whit they like? A Masonic and orange clique, who have always acted this way towards Celtic, and why? Our club do feck all about it, refs now don’t give a toss no matter how everyone else can see, and how many cameras are pointing at them they don’t care, as no one is calling them out. They are now so blatant in their intent to stop the nine never mind the ten. The board should be all over this, but all they do is sit on their hands. 🍀🍀🍀


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