Unfortunately, right now, as it stands, the league looks like an ambitious ask rather than a stick-on.

Neil Lennon appears to have run out of ideas with these players and has been living on borrowed time for the past five weeks.

A late rally by the players saw Celtic gain a point when all three looked lost, but we look like a team playing with no belief or plan.

Here’s our social media feed called it immediately after the game.

Celtic controlled the first half but didn’t have many clear cut chances, if any.

A ridiculous decision by Scott Brown in the second half to charge a Hibs player in the box saw Celtic fall behind with the penalty being saved but the rebound being fired home. It would go from bad to worse for Celtic not long after with Hibs getting up the park and slicing open the defence and making it 2.

Edouard came on and changed the game, helped to be a nuisance and was a big part of why we got a penalty late on to put Hibs under pressure, the Frenchman scored it and then it was a late cross into the box with Diego Laxxalt getting on the end of it which rescued a point.

There was no grand plan today when we went 2-0 up, it was every man for themselves and we manged to get a draw. It’s a good point in the end but this game, put into context with the whole season so far, the manager has to go.


  1. Watched the game today,I’m sorry but Lennon should be shown the door. Definitely the end of the road as he’s utterly clueless regarding team selection.We’ll be lucky to finish second the way this teams playing.Time to replace this Irish clown.HH

  2. Just think it’s time up for Neil he seems to be struggling to find solutions to his team’s mediocre performance’s been a terrific servant to Celtic but it’s all about 10 in a row

  3. Has anyone looked at where young Strachan is in all this.Good Grief, we are the Champions playing like diddies. We are making ourselves look bad, you don’t become a failure overnight.
    I like Neil Lennon, Sadly I believe he has been given a chance, but his sparkle is now dim,
    Sorry son the ba’s on the slates.
    Jack Ross impressed me. He talks well and has respect of others. Obvously he has Hibs on the go. I reckon Hibs will be second this season. Aberdeen lie down to the Govan mob too easily.
    My other concern is the lack of any argument form Lawell. I just think he accepts the plaudits, but has rolled over too many times to the Govan mob. I think he is part of Neils problem. IMHO.

  4. He is an Irish clown Mr McGinley,and if you prefer to disagree your a halfwit, also try and come on to this site and write something sensible,your knowledge of football is embarrassing.HH

  5. Ye and I will ask you again brave internet boy. What has Irish got to do with it ? ..and if you think I am going to be drawn into your pathetic, petty, who knows more about football crap, forget it.


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