CELTIC Directors have apologised for Celtic fans breaking seats at Rugby Park during the season defining SPFL game on Sunday.

The bhoys scored a late winner with an organic jubilant fanbase and set of players celebrating together pitchside.

However, some felt it necessary to break chairs during or after the game knowing full well they wouldn’t have to pay for the damage.

Killie Chief Billy Bowie said: “The Celtic directors apologised after the game.

“They were embarrassed by what happened with their fans and they did apologise to me personally.

“I don’t doubt for a minute that Celtic will be taking action against those responsible.”

Chairs shouldn’t have been broken and Celtic rightfully apologised for the damage.

There was also moaning around the small pitch invasion after the goal; the meltdown to that has been very over the top considering it’s not the first time we’ve seen them this season.

Celtic fans and players were ecstatic to land the last minute goal and the goal itself has sent some people into a blind rage. The sight of the Celtic captain celebrating after grabbing an important winner definitely left a few people choking on their dinner.


  1. Poor introduction to the article, almost ‘BBC-type apologetic to Sevco’ in its tone….chairs were damaged during the crush, NOT deliberately, boils down to a ground safety issue, i.e. there is no safety at Rugby Park. Try harder next time. HH

  2. This is an embarrassment of an article. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect from a hun blog. “They broke seats, but it’s not their fault, and it’s perfectly understandable. It’s someone else’s fault.”
    There is no excuse for breaking seats, and the ‘fans’ that did it are scum bags, and Celtic need to find and ban them, along with the arse that chucked the coin at Boyd.

  3. Very embarrassing
    1. Who ever threw the coin is hopefully caught and banned for life, muppet!!
    2. Damaging seats or any other parts of the ground is unacceptable and should carry a ban if it is deemed deliberate.
    3. For all the guys who went onto the park, you idiots have just got your captain a ban!! You are also probably the first ones to rip the piss out the other mob for doing the same thing!!


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