The default responses to football interviews are tiring, predictable and quite frankly boring. There are very few people saying what they actually think in football these days. This is probably due to fear of been wrong or been hidden away from the cameras and spotlight.

Maybe Chris Sutton should be excluded from the rest of the robots. When it comes to European football, you can line up the cue cards. “There are no weak teams”, “It’s a game over two legs, we’re only halfway there” etc,. So in a Chris Sutton approach, I’m going to say Rosenborg are currently poor outfit and shouldn’t pose any threat to Celtic on Wednesday. Much the same as Linfield.

You wouldn’t have said that last season, but this current Celtic side play with confidence, belief and have shaken off their inferiority complex. I believe this tie should be over on Wednesday night.

I’ve watched Rosenborgs last few games and Celtic or on a different level to them. Bendtner, probably their best-known player looks a shadow of himself regarding movement, he looks heavy and sluggish. He’s never been a prolific scorer, but he has done damage to teams down the years – ignoring this would be foolish. The striker has 6 goals in 16 games this season but was posted missing against Dundalk in their previous qualifier. Dundalk were unlucky over two legs not to be facing Celtic. In the end, they were missing the killer touch when opportunities presented themselves. On the other hand, Celtic have their killer touch and regularly use it. Rosenborg look weak from front to back, going forward they give the ball away a lot through unforced errors. They might be at the top of the Norwegian league but this should not phase Celtic.

The invincible Celtic have won their last ten competitive games. Rosenborg has won 5, drawn 4 and lost one.

Their fans in their own Lerkendal stadium are impressive. Celtic will need to finish the tie on Wednesday night and not leave anything to chance. I think they will win by a clear 2 or 3 goals. If they don’t, we can revert to the default cue cards.


  1. You wouldn’t have said that last season, but this current Celtic side play with confidence, belief and have shaken off their inferiority complex

    • What a ridiculous thing to say. We didn’t beat Aberdeen easily in the cup final, you saying we don’t deserve the treble?

  2. The ref on wed is a Portuguese. Inexperienced but a quick look at his profile would suggest he is a bit of a homer. In 18 international matches he has awarded 4 pens for home teams and sent of 4 away players. No home reds and 1 away pen. He books on average just over 1 per team in each game.

  3. We may well be struggling up front on Wed
    So it might be closer than you think
    Also over the years Celtic have made heavy work of these type of games
    Just saying

  4. Don’t be fooled. This team will not be an easy touch. If we play to our best strengths we should hopefully have enough to see us through.


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