CHARLIE NICHOLAS is always a glass half empty sort of pundit when it comes to Celtic. The uttering of his name in the same sentence as Celtic nowadays evokes an angry reaction from some of the Celtic support. However, it’s important to distinguish the nonsense from pertinent points and on this occasion, Charlie looks at the pitfalls of the season ahead.

Of course, he could have written about the positives such as bringing back Moi Elyounoussi, currently still having Edouard on our books and the team looking sharp ahead of the August kick off.

Instead, he has focused on the things that can trip Celtic up this season and the need to prioritize certain competitions.

Writing in his express column as cited by RecordSport, the Sky Sports pundit said “I am a Celtic fan. I want another Treble, I am not camouflaging that but I do think Celtic will have a problem with no or limited crowds.

“I think they will find it the hardest to adjust to that lack of energy they get from 60,000 fans every second week.

“That is a massive thing to lose and I can see it causing Celtic a stumble, especially in one of the cups.

“If Nicola Sturgeon decides to continue to take control then the best we can hope for is very small crowds, but if it is long-term then Celtic would be impacted more than any other team.

“The other major worry I have about the club is that they have lost a few players and don’t have the same numbers in the squad.

“The new season is action-packed and it will be relentless with Europe and internationals.

“It might be that Celtic need to prioritise and if they were to look at the trophies then the Betfred Cup is probably the least important now.

“It is a competition that has lost its way. I have won it a couple of times but it is one that Neil Lennon could look to play some of the youngsters and fringe players.

“Celtic will still want to win the Betfred Cup, of course they will, because they are used to winning everything.”

These worries won’t be alien to the Celtic support, we are heading into a pivotal season with a lot of unknowns. No fans inside grounds can be a blessing and a curse on certain days but the peculiarity of it all has to be a concern.

Celtic are within touching distance of the ten in a row title but they must navigate through chopper waters than ever before. No winter break this year which usually has galvanised a tired looking Celtic side. Also, cramming fixtures in to make space for last season’s Scottish Cup, while welcome, causes more disruption and puts us behind the games played pace in the SPFL.

Celtic never do things the easy way when they’re in control of their own destiny, we have a few curve balls heading our way but you have to believe a side that’s shown hope resolute it can be over the piece can battle through the adversity.


  1. Only a frigging idiot, would play fringe players ,when it takes first team members to qualify for most games,
    to be able to beat the refs here in the spfl English teams try this white to act as if they are the big swinging dicks,by the. Way just how many cups did charlie win in England


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