CELTIC WOMEN were soundly defeated 3-0 by their rivals on Sunday afternoon. The Rangers Woman leads the league and has dimmed Celtic’s Champions League hopes.

Only first and second place are admitted to the elite competition. Fran Alonso’s side is five points off the top two. Currently second in Glasgow City.

The Rangers opened the scoring inside ten minutes. The Celtic side held onto the game, with the half-time score remaining 1-0. The side had many chances to get back into the game, but they couldn’t get level due to the Ghirls’ frustrations. It is fair to say that Alonso’s Ghirls’ had the better half, but ultimately, they had nothing to show for this.

The second half brought two goals for The Rangers, stretching their lead to 3. The referee blew for full-time with a 3-0 win for the Ibrox side.

The good news for Celtic was the return of top scorer Charlie Wellings, who is the team’s leading scorer. Unfortunately, she couldn’t add a goal to her tally on her return.

Annie Timoney made her first start in green and white.


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