Celtic’s star defender Filip Benkovic admits he was in disbelief at not being awarded his second goal for Celtic in the game against Motherwell midweek.

The defender put the ball in the back of the net fair and square at Fir Park but it was quickly adjudged to be a foul by the referee, Kevin Clancy.

Replays showed there was no foul, no infringement and absolutely nothing wrong with the goal.

The incident would come back to haunt Celtic in a big way when two minutes from time, Motherwell put the ball in the back of the net and snatched a draw at the death.

Speaking about the incident, the Leicester loanee was baffled and what was even more confusing was Clancy simply told him it was ‘his’ decision and gave absolutely no follow up or explanation as to why he had chopped off the goal.

“For me, I was shocked my goal wasn’t allowed. I didn’t understand what happened. From my side, I think everything was clear.” Benkovic told Celtic TV.

“I DIDN’T touch their player. But sometimes the ref whistles what he sees. What can we do?

“I asked the referee why, but he said it was his decision and that was that. I still don’t understand, but I can’t bring it back.”

Celtic missed out on top spot because of the late equaliser and now welcome the new league leaders Kilmarnock on Saturday afternoon.

The bhoys will be looking for a top display to try and reach the summit of the SPFL once again.


  1. Referees and there Wee Lodge Rule Book,Disgraceful what these Hunbelievable Officials get away with in the Scottish game.All these honest mistakes.We need foreign Officials with no affiliation for a certain Club(Clubs).Dirty lowlife blatant cheats.They should be held accountable for these Absurd Mistakes.Players get punished and see Yellow and Reds.Refs should get punished too.I honestly believe All if not Almost all are Masons.Remember Hugh Dallas,Need i say more!!


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