CELTIC are laughing all the way to the bank after their participation in Europe for yet another season.

The figures out yesterday showed the club had another fruitful foray into Europe’s biggest competition.

Celtic ended up third in the group that consisted of PSG, Bayern and Anderlecht.

The importance of having these runs are significant to the club but it’s going to be very difficult going forward to be included in Europe’s elite competition.

Celtic will have to play FOUR qualifiers next term in order to make it to the group stage of the competition.

The Hoops have managed three qualifiers up until now but their season will start even earlier as they try to navigate past potential banana skins.

UEFA are looking to close shop on the poorer nations and clubs as they open more slots for the top five leagues. At some point UEFA will have to rename the competition when there are very few champions in it.



  1. Celtic shouldn’t be even playing one qualifier, as Champions you should go straight into the group stages.
    If this is UEFA’S way of telling us we aren’t wanted nor needed, then it’s time for Celtic & other clubs to tell them to go to fuck, break away & form a new competition!
    UEFA/FIFA as bad as the SFA….Fuck the lot of them!

  2. It’s a fuckin joke now the CL my arse out of the 8 teams left in this years competition only Juve, B.Munich and Madrid won their respective leagues last season😤😡😤Fuck UEFA

  3. ‘champions league’ really is a misnomer; it would be more appropriate to name it ‘the money bags cup’ or something more appropriate and stop the pretence.


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