The money Celtic made in their Europa League run has been revealed, and while it may not be the dizzy money of the Champions League, it’s still a top earner for the club.

Celtic have made £5.4million from just the competition itself and here is the breakdown:

  • £1m for progressing through the Euro qualifying rounds
  • £2.5m for reaching the group stage of the Europa League.
  • £1.5m in prize money for their performances in the group stages (i.e. wins and draws)
  • £430,000 for advancing to the last 32.

*Figures published by FI

This will also be topped up by a share of the TV revenue pool which is yet to be announced. It also doesn’t take into account the money made by the club in gate receipts for all their group stage games as well as their sell-out against Valencia.

Celtic would have had at least £28m from the Champions League if they had made it with performance bonuses and share of UK TV pool.

It shows the stark contrast in the money available between competitions. However, the money made in the Europa run should not be sneered at as it gives us more money than anything we have in place domestically.  

The importance of getting to the Champions League is paramount for the club, especially when they don’t have a Moussa Dembele to sell for a record amount if they do fail again.


  1. It’s about time the board got ahead of the game for once and sort out the manager situation asap and then have transfer targets identified and bought so we are as ready as we can be instead of the usual farce. HH

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