Celtic have qualified for the Europa League and while it doesn’t hold the prestige or same financial rewards the Europa League offers the club a genuine chance to play against some top clubs and improve.

Compared to what Celtic would have got in the Champions League had they qualified it’s not a lot but the clubs run in Europe to this point has bagged them £6.9m according to the Scotsman. Money not to be sniffed at.

The club have been drawn against Lazio, Rennes and Cluj. It’s a tough group but one Celtic are capable of being competitive in.

This year the club could land €570k for every win they get in the group stage and €190k for a draw. If Celtic win the group they would also land a €1m bonus but if they simply qualified in second they’d receive €500k. Every last 32 participant will then get €500k also.

The money climbs as the competition progresses. The winner would receive €8.5m (as per Europa League Wiki) payout and more importantly, a Champions League place.


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