It has been three weeks since Brendan Rodgers left his post at Celtic and the furore surrounding the Irishman moving has naturally died down. It came as a shock to many at the club when he jumped at the first sight of Leicester but when the EPL club came calling everything seemed purely academic.

Celtic were paid compensation for their manager in the £6million region but it appears the club raked in even more to release Rodgers’ staff.


According to the Telegraph, Celtic received fees in excess of £9million so they could also secure Kolo Toure, Chris Davies and Glen Driscoll. This works out as one of the biggest compensation packages for a manager and his staff from an English club.

Celtic are now being managed in the short term by Neil Lennon who has designs on returning to the post permanently in the summer. Time will tell who the club goes for but could they use some of the money to pay compensation for a manager already in a job?


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