CHRIS SUTTON believes it’s ‘strange’ that Celtic go into the Champions League qualifiers yet again without proper reinforcements.

The former Celtic striker viewed the current defensive crises as unnecessary and something Celtic have now dealt with for the third year running.

The Englishman also questioned how much Celtic actually want John McGinn with the clubs not being to come to an agreement.

Speaking in his Record column the Bt pundit said: ‘Celtic need to be tooled up for these games, which is why the John McGinn saga is another bizarre situation.

‘Just how much do Celtic want him? It’s a valid question given they allowed the move to rumble on and now he’ll be cup-tied for the qualifiers after playing for Hibs in the Faroes on Thursday night.

‘I just think it’s strange Celtic have gambled again with so much at stake. You get the feeling the club are just happy to get to the group stage and don’t mind so much what they do once they are there.’


  1. Sutton is correct in what he saying Celtic never learn and never ever strengthen I’ve said all along about getting defence sorted out Celtic have the money but won’t spend it they gonna come a cropper one of these days I think they should rip up compper contract also sell simo tae.

  2. Celtic being,Celtic.They cant keep playing players out of there natural positions and Get Away with it,Bitton is a prime example.As for Compper wtf is He.Total waste of space and Money…One of these days We wont Qualify for CL and its all the Boards,Fault…

    • Exactly it will be boards fault Rodgers and scouts fault if we don’t qualify Celtic should look to Aston villa James Chester very commanding centre back.hoops should look at him also ademoah Albert his first name.

  3. Same old Celtic. We have this debate about the defence every year and nothing gets done. It really is pathetic.

  4. Spot on Anthony wi your comment pal it is pathetic they bloody useless the scouts typical hearts ex coach mcginn no point in signing mcginn he not able to play hoops are never organised never sign people when it’s deadlines day etc etc boring noo this fiasco

  5. I am surprised BR puts up with this nonsense as he is the man at the wheel. Last time he said “quality over quantity” he got Mosunda on loan. Get the defence sorted!

  6. The manager and the board are i this together and celtic will fail to qualify this year. Rodgers has had 5 windows to sort out the CB situation. Failure to qualify will have a disastrous effect on the club and may damage the league campaign . It will wipe 15=20 thousand of the crowds every week. We need to be in the CL. Without it the season is virtually meaningless and so boring. It is almost as if Big Pete and the Tory scum who run our club want Sevco to catch up. Back to the Old Firm, sharing the titles , halfing the cash. If so I am finished. It is pointless.

  7. Same old Celtic,as you all say,but i don’t think it’s Brendan or the scouts fault tbh,the scouting system has done a magnificent job over thd past two decades especially,in identifying players which have been brought in,mostly on the cheap that is,and sold for massive profits,so the scouts can’t be criticised really.The thing is,the fans are being taken for granted as virtually none of this profit or the CL money is being spent on any established/expeerienced players.only young,promising/projects.We have been crying out,virtually pleading with the powers that be,every window,to get the problem areas in the defence sorted out for years.Kolo Toure was brought in and stableised the problem CB area for a while,but that was a short stop gap,not what we needed,I honestly can’t remember us having a settled and reliable CB area since the start of the 00’s when we had the likes of Balde,Valgaeren,Mjalby,Stubbs,Varga on the books,oh for even one of that bunch now.Only Caldwell and VVD deserve a mention really since then,although Hendry and Ajer look promising,but need a Toure beside them in their development.Boyatta improved a lot last season with his bomb scare tendacies from previous seasons semingly adressed,but will he sign another deal?There are plenty of young gifted CB ‘s out there,and even John Terry’s who could come in and help Hendry and Ajer in their development. My worry is Brendan,if he feels like us,he is not being backed by the money men,will walk before 10IAR is even achieved.They spent a reported £9m on young Edouarde,brilliant fantastic player,but i suspect even he was bought with massive profit in mind.We need this kind of money spentv on the defence,and we need it now!!!

  8. Think fans need to calm down, our club is as financially strong rite now as it’s ever been, we have a good young team well capable of winning our league for years to come. We’re never going to win Champions league so minimum tweaking needing done to the team & without a doubt the defence will be sorted keep the faith bhoys n ghirls Glasgow’s green & white🍀

    • Would you say Barcelona,Real Madrid, PSG,Man City were finacially strong rite now ??.Do you think if they need players they will not go out and buy them.The worse thing at Parkhead just now is a egotist called Peter Lawell who along with the board treat our supporters with contempt.Think it’s time they woke up to reality boycott the club if they do not do what they should “write to UEFA” if not this is the club and the association you will have for years to come.I have supported this club for over 60 years but since 2011 I have not renewed my season ticket and will not be back till they do what the supporters want.

  9. Michael,aye the scouts from 15/20 yrs ago may have changed,but the system hasn’t as proven by profits made over the last decade.Agreed about not buying defenders of bobo’s i said we need to spend the same kind of money on our defence as was spent on Odsonne.
    And Kenny,financial stabability IS important,and we do DEFO have a young exciting team more than capable of taking us to 10iar and beyond.The support know we can’t win the CL,but this team with a soild defence protecting this exciting young midfield and frontline,could at least,with a favourable draw,help us compete in the CL,and then when eventually exiting the CL.making a fist of winning the Europa league.

  10. Sheerin the rubbish that you spout and waste your time bloggin’ is farcical. Why don’t you have a wee lie doon.


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