Resident Twitter Euro Bhoy Moravcik67 has confirmed Celtic have been given a Champions League boost with their seeded status for the entire qualification guaranteed today.

Celtic will have to negotiate FOUR qualifiers in order to make the Champions League proper, and this news is as good as it gets. Being seeded means Celtic will avoid some major clubs in the qualifiers, especially in the later rounds but as we saw last season that’s no guarantee of a group stage place if we’re complacent.

Of course, as the tweet mentions, we still need to wrap up our league before we can look to the qualifiers.

Celtic have a new manager to appoint and a summer transfer window to deal with to make sure there are no slip-ups this time around.

Neil Lennon is still the bookies favourite to be the man who takes Celtic through these qualifiers, but the club will make no decision until after our treble treble bid has reached its conclusion.

Getting into Europe is becoming harder and harder for clubs outside the top four or five leagues and as Celtic battle to try and keep the door opened to us in future – we must give ourselves the best chant to qualify next season.


  1. Celtic have been knocked out of both European competitons by unseeded teams. So this only makes sense, by making it easier to negotiate unseeded teams earlier. Still fighting against Celtic suit’s and Uefa. The fans of All teams deserve much more.


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