CELTIC’s season is effectively over. The Scottish cup doesn’t look like it will be played to a finish this season at least.

It means everything at Celtic should be gearing towards NEXT season and what we want to accomplish when the football starts back.

Celtic will finish their season in May without a trophy and by July they will be back in training and set for a second round Champions League qualifier.

That means from today, there are just around 5 months to get our house in order and our team settled for what will be a pivotal start to the season.

It’s astonishing to me Celtic are continuing with the same man in charge and allowing him to see out the season when there’s so much at stake in such a small timeframe.

The seeds for next season should already be planted, instead, we’re allowing Neil Lennon to partake in a depressing farewell tour. It’s negligent by this Celtic board to continue down this path.

The second round qualifier dates are as followed: 20/21 & 27/28 July 2021: Second qualifying round.

Some might want to argue the point nothing can really be done until our new Chief executive starts his job, but Dominic McKay doesn’t officially take over until the start of July. Meaning McKay will only have three weeks in the job before the club looks to make progress in Europe.

Why aren’t we sorting things out now? And if we are behind the scenes then why is this not being communicated?

Neil Lennon can’t be the man to take us forward so why he’s still allowed to pick the team is beyond me. Bring in a caretaker for the last run of games who has no affinity or loyalty to any of the players in this squad, give youth a chance and get the squad prepared as best we can for the summer.


  1. Lennon and all his staff must go even JK must go this time and try his hand at being a manager on his own, i think there are great times ahead starting next season we should have that fire back in the team and all dead wood moved on and 6 or 7 or 8 new faces itching to go,look we can take back top spot next season if right manager comes in i would go for the Scotland manager SC so sign him up Celtic sign him up now….


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