It’s widely been reported the winners of the SPFL this season will gain an automatic spot in the Champions League next season. Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed, and here’s why.

Scotland are currently 11th in the coefficients, leaving them one spot out of the top 10. Only the top 10 countries can gain automatic promotion through their league.

However, should the winners of the Champions League this season already qualify for the competition through their league, the automatic spot goes to the SPFL.

What are the chances of the Scottish League missing out on the Champions League automatic spot?

It’s a very rare occurrence for the winners of Europe’s most elite competition to not qualify through their league system.

The last club to do it was Chelsea in 2012 against Bayern Munich. That year, Chelsea didn’t make the top four.

So for example, if Manchester City were to win the Champions League this term and finish outwit the top four, the SPFL would miss out on the automatic spot.

It is something Celtic fans have to put top the back of their minds at the moment. We’re four points behind in the title race and must focus our attention to what’s in front of us. If we can do that, the bigger picture stuff should take care of itself.

Celtic haven’t done well in qualifiers for a long time, gaining and automatic spot would also mean a more relaxed pre-season and a lot of money coming into the coffers.


  1. I don’t think that will be a problem as I think Bayern Munich will win the champions league this year. They are a machine . Man City still lack a killer striker at that level and I think that’s why they’ve failed so far as great posession football doesn’t win finals scoring goals does.


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