REO HATATE was criticised by many when he arrived in Glasgow simply because he was comfortable in many positions.

Alex Rae even shared his doubts live on the radio, joking about his ability to play in defence to attack. I bet he is regretting these words now.

In Celtic’s latest ‘Quick Fire Questions’ Hatate was the man in the hot seat. For the player’s introduction, Celtic gave his age and nationality before proceeding to have a sneaky did at his doubters, describing him as a ‘Utility Player’.

Those on social media and in the press who laughed at his ability to play near enough anywhere on the pitch are eating their words now.

Playing as an attacking midfielder for Ange, Reo now has three goals to his name and an assist. He has played just three games for Celtic.

Two of these goals came against the Ibrox club, I’m sure Alex Rae enjoyed the first-half brace.

Despite experts talking about the player’s natural gift, many in Scotland decided to ignore this. Hatate is showing himself to be one of the best players in the league and Postecoglou has warned he’s not even fully fit yet.

The future is exciting.


  1. Rio makes the difficult look very non complex. Lubo understood such things. Hail Hail Rio. I bet plenty of teams will be following his exploits closely.


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