Tomorrow night Celtic will take to the field with no one giving them a snowball’s chance in hell of picking up anything from the game.

It’s up to Celtic to not only earn a point or three, but it’s up to the players to earn the respect of Europe once again.

It was last season when Celtic took on Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City at home in the Champions League where the players stood up and were counted against the billionaire side.

The spirit from the fans to the energy zapping shifts the Celtic team put in that night was something to behold and while many great things came our way that season, that game, in particular, stood out. When Pep and his team came calling, expecting a routine win, they were forced to battle for every ball and at one point were heading home with nothing.

It was a 3-3 draw that night and Celtic fans didn’t just applaud taking a point from a mega-rich side, but we all stood on our feet to recognise that the players left it all out on the field. There was nobody we could point the finger at and play the blame game for dropping two points, it was a collective team effort and a point gained rather than two lost.

Tomorrow night we go into battle with Bayern, a side that swept us away so easily in the first leg. The Germans have swaggered into town and boasted about not risking their best players against the lowly likes of Celtic. This kind of attitude should not go unnoticed and unpunished by Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers is said to have a very calming influence on the players before they go out to play on a big night at Celtic Park. While the Irishman will be doing the same again, he will no doubt give a wink, a nod and a ‘give ’em hell bhoys’ before they head out onto the pitch.

The players will emerge from the tunnel, the Champions League music will hit, the decibels at Celtic Park will go through the roof and we will go to battle. No matter what the result, if they leave everything out on the pitch then that’s all we can ask.




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