We thought lessons had be learned, we thought Celtic wouldn’t fall into the trap they did against Cluj back in August but tonight it could have been branded as a repeat performance.

A disjointed and unacceptable performance from a team we all know Celtic are capable of beating on their day.

Neil Lennon put out a team tonight that raised eyebrows but he’s done that a few time’s this season and while some were questioning the selection we gave the Irishman the benefit of the doubt.

However, it was clear early on this team didn’t look like playing at the intensity were used to seeing under Neil Lennon.

Ajer playing right back a decision that looks foolish right now.

The Danes had one game plan that we were perfectly aware of but did little to fend off.

Individual errors brought on by the pressure we put on ourselves compounded a hard night to watch at Celtic Park.

Nobody comes out of this smelling of roses and the bhoys must face up the fact they’ve failed to get past a team who can offer very little going forward.

It’s hard to shake off but we have to try and move on quickly.


  1. I think Lenny and the team totally underestimated Copenhagen…. That is a real humiliation, total crap.
    PS.. Celtic should sign the whole Copenhagen defence

  2. It has been told before Brown McGregor, Forrest, Taylor are crap, listen we have a team of or a pool if you like of 36 players, in short 3 teams and for the 11 that played is Lennon trying to say for all them guys he can’t select a team who can play forward passes, attack in packs, attack corners , stay in formation and fuck the midfield and stay in your defensive role,as that midfield will hang you out to dry all the time ,as they want fuck all to do with the attack . playing pass back for what ,we don’t have 5 skilled players to play like barsa ,or ,juve, is it true peter is a rangers supporter, and he is selling silver , for coloured beads to make Desmond happy ,if we have a over spill of 22 players that can’t get in the side sell them to help Peter because, I don’t want them to think they are known as Celtic players when. They aint

  3. Spot on lordmac why the fuck does Lennon keep changing a winning formation it baffles me pal why did he take elyannoisi aff when that wee idiot Forrest should get tae fuck he pish they need a proper replacement for brown dont understand why frimpong wasnt playing simovic is shite tae defence has needed to be sorted for long time still not done. Also why pay £3.75 million an unknown klimala and also soro pathetic it all is . Pissed aff big time .


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