A Portuguese insider has claimed on social media that Celtic will indeed trigger Jota’s first option and look to sign the winger on a permanent basis.

But before you get too excited, Pedro Almeida claims the club will look to cash in on the player.

There’s no time frame for any of this from Almeida but the journalist seems confident Celtic will look to secure Jota before figuring out what happens next.

The Celtic board were caught with their trousers down when it came to Jack Hendry’s buyout clause last season. They put in a low option to buy for Oostende who then triggered it so they could cash in big time on the defender.

There’s a chance we could see this at Celtic. The board are all about the bottom line and you’d like to think if we do sign Jota on a permanent deal, we’ll at least get another season out of him before we send him on his way for a profit.


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