CELTIC have even surprised their own fans with the results they’re getting in the Europa League. Four games in and the bhoys have one draw and three wins to their name. This has already been enough to secure qualification to the next round of the competition much to the supporters’ delight.

While this isn’t the riches of the Champions League it still pays to be successful in this tournament and we’ve been looking into the figures Celtic have generated as a result of their on-field exploits.

This year, the cash pot is bigger than ever in the Europa League and there’s certainly cause for celebration when you look at our results.

For every win in the group stage, the club lands €570,000. For every draw they land €190,000.

So far Celtic have three wins and a draw which makes the total so far, €1,900,000. We have also already qualified which brings more cash, however, this is still in-flux as you get more as group winners than you do for second place qualification.

Group winners: €1,000,000
Group runners-up: €500,000

That’s at least another 500k in the kitty.

For participating in the round of 32, the club also gets €500,000 which we are guaranteed.

With two more games to play in the group stage, there are still two €570,000 win bonuses to aim for and with Celtic being paid €2,920,000 for getting to the group stage – the competition has already surpassed the money we get for winning the SPFL title which stands at £3.176 million.

So far we’ve made €5.32m from the Europa guaranteed which will surely climb in the next month.

These figures don’t take into account gate receipts and the Champions League qualifying cash we received before being knocked out of the competition.


  1. It’s a pity a few numpty ‘supporters’ will cost us dear – an amazing result in Italy marred by flares and the like – why do this – lets hope if there’s a section of Parkhead closed by Uefa it affects the numptys and not the true fans


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