Celtic’s League Cup Final opponents Aberdeen have rubbed salt into the wounds of their semi-final rivals after they beat them to reach the final.

It was the Dons who emerged victorious, winning 1-0 on the day and booking their place against Celtic on December 2nd.

Celtic had won their game earlier in the day, comprehensively beating Hearts 3-0 at Murrayfield. In all honesty, it could have been more.

As Celtic and Aberdeen get set to do battle for a repeat of the League Cup Final two years ago the Dons social media page has aimed one last little dig at the Ibrox club.

The Aberdeen’s official social media page declared ‘WE ARE THE PEOPLE’ who are heading to the final. OUCH.

While the other peepel lick their wounds and play the blame game among themselves.

The Bet Fred League Cup final is set to be a cracker, for Aberdeen, they will be looking for retribution in two lost finals to Celtic two seasons ago.

For Celtic, it’s a chance to bag their SEVENTH consecutive domestic trophy.


  1. You know SG says he is going buy in new players so that tells me, some if not half of that team maybe more
    will be gone soon, so it looks like spend spend spend more money they do not have to bring in top players on a low wage lol i could swear that when SG said blame me he was close to tears it looked like Murty all over again Aberdeen played them the best way they could defend then hit them, twice they done that once in first half and could have been one up,then the second half header that ended the game,well done for now Aberdeen see on 2nd December…


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