In an effort to improve safety during the Glasgow Derby, has applied to Glasgow City Council to install temporary netting in the away section at Celtic Park. This decision, driven by Celtic’s determination to enhance security, will also be implemented at Ibrox. The move comes as both clubs prepare to welcome back a larger away fan presence, aiming to restore the traditional derby atmosphere.

Sources close to Celtic have disclosed that the club was the main advocate for this safety measure. The netting is intended to prevent incidents of missile-throwing, a recurring problem in past matches. This measure is particularly vital as the away supporters at Celtic Park will be seated next to the family section, making the netting a necessary barrier to ensure the safety of all fans, especially young families.

The official description of the proposed work submitted to Glasgow City Council states: “Installation of temporary netting to the Southeast corner between the home and away support. The netting is installed before each Celtic vs Rangers match and disassembled after.” The application was lodged on April 4th, reflecting Celtic’s proactive approach to fan safety.

Soccer Football – Scottish Premiership – Celtic v Rangers – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – May 11, 2024 Celtic fans in the stands during the match Action Images via Reuters/Ed Sykes

The decision to reinstate a more substantial away fan presence, with 2500 supporters, necessitates stringent safety measures. Celtic’s insistence on the netting demonstrates their commitment to addressing previous safety concerns while reintroducing some of the traditional derby intensity.

The introduction of netting at both stadiums aims to create a safer environment, reducing the risk of violence and disorder. By implementing these measures, Celtic is setting a precedent for ensuring fan safety without compromising the atmosphere that makes the Glasgow Derby one of Scottish football’s most anticipated fixtures.

Approval of this application will mark an important step in ensuring these matches remain frantic and exciting yet safe for everyone involved. A source at GCC has told Celtsarehere that the proposal will more than likely get the green light.

The first Glasgow Derby of next season will be at Celtic Park. The bhoys went undefeated against their rivals last season with three wins and a draw in the league and a Scottish Cup final win to their name.


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