If Celtic didn’t have bad luck, they’d have no luck at all.

That’s the overriding feeling after finishing the Europa League campaign on nine points but still not qualifying for the next round of the competition.

Three other clubs sailed through to the next round with the same tally and our Glasgow rivals couldn’t even manage nine but still managed to find a way through.

Celtic had the group of death, there was no doubt about it, to walk out of that group with nine points, most fans would have thought it would have been enough to secure a spot in the knockout stages – but sadly no.

Our rivals were up against weaker opposition and fell short of Celtic’s nine points but get the rub of the green. They got a better draw and needed the least points of any other club in the competition to qualify for the next round.

It’s all about what Celtic do from here.

Domestically, we have a pivotal run in from now until the winter break. Our chances have not been helped by more bad luck. Injuries to key personnel like Kyogo and Jota have Celtic at a major disadvantage going into high profile games – including a cup final.

Maybe we’ll get some luck eventually.


  1. Really? We want to use this statistic?
    We didn’t qualify because we threw away leads in two of three games lost!
    Like any table, results around you influences the final outcome on positions. One dominant team in a group results in what happened with our group.
    This isn’t Scotland where you KNOW the draws are fixed in advance and corruption is in abundance!
    UEFA didn’t deliberately position us in the hardest group.

    If we want to progress in Europe, we look at ourselves. We crumpled up against the Germans, TWICE! Against the Germans away, totally incomprehensible substitutions to half of the outfield team is the reason we lost there. We were comfortable with a lead and disrupted a perfectly controlled side, snatching defeat from the jaws of a potentially famous and valuable victory!
    We were comfortable with a two goal lead in Spain. We blew that too. These losses were quite simply horrendous mistakes by the manager. Don’t look too far for others to blame.
    These defeats are 100% the responsibility of a single minded coach.
    Like it or not!

    • Ange took Jota & Kyogo off in that match a couple of weeks ago to protect them physically. In completely unconnected news both players are currently out with hamstring injuries. Go figure

  2. Its all about getting through, makes no difference whether we got more points than them.
    You cant say we had no luck after tonights game, Betis had far more shots than us and hit post/bar several times.
    Full credit to the Bhoys tonight though, great attitude shown

    Bad call by Ange to bring on Kyogo in a meaningless game when we have a hectic league schedule & a cup final on the horizon.
    Guessing Kyogo will miss huns game too

  3. All we needed to do was see out that game in Germany by doing exactly what we were doing with the players that were doing it but no needless subs handed the momentum to Leverkusen & it fell to bits. We shot ourselves in both feet again. Roll on to tonight & Kyogo should’ve been sitting in the stand wrapped in bubble wrap & young Roco Vata or Moffat could’ve been on the bench or play Abada up front Johnston wide right, sorted, but no we shoot both feet off again & this could be very costly indeed. Sort the needless self harm decisions out ffs.


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