The Celtic Instagram account got a rather surprising update this afternoon leaving Celtic fans in stitches.

One of the club’s social media admins posted a picture of someone with a fish dinner with the tag line ‘excuse me, I asked for the large fish.’. Clearly forgetting to switch to their personal account.

Celtic social media has sprung into action after the mistake.

I suppose it could’ve been worse!

Celtic fans on twitter are usually game for a laugh and this has tickled most supporters.

The Hoops have 640k on their Instagram page who will all have got the update before it was deleted. I’m sure they’ll make a joke about it themselves shortly. The admin will be mortified but no harm done at all.

It’s a bit of light hearted relief in the run up to a major Glasgow derby. Now I dare someone in the media to ask Ange what size he likes his fish. 😂


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