Callum McGregor was sent off for a second yellow at Ibrox on Sunday. In no way am I making excuses for another insipid display. I’m merely going to point out we have another instance where one of our referees don’t appear to know the rules.

The sequence of events that led up to Callum’s sending off has left a bad taste in the mouth.

It appears debut referee Nick Walsh has not applied the rules properly in this case.

The rules of the game set by IFAB; the International FA Board (IFAB) which is formed by FIFA, and the four British National Associations.

The rules clearly state what must happen in the EXACT event that occurred at Ibrox.

New: LAW CHANGES 2020/21 If the referee plays ADVANTAGE for an offence which ‘interfered with or stopped a promising attack’, the caution (yellow card, YC) is NOT issued.

If the referee plays advantage for a DOGSO (denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity) offence, the sending-off (red card, RC) becomes a YC, so to be consistent, if the referee plays advantage for an offence which interfered with or stopped a promising attack, the YC should not be issued.

By the letter of the law, Callum McGregor should have been allowed to stay on the pitch. Not to mention his first yellow card was very soft.

The midfielder committed himself and did make the foul but the play continued and the home side managed to score as a result. The rules clearly state Callum should not receive the yellow and should be allowed to continue.

Why was he sent off? It’s a turning point in the game for sure and while we need to focus on the rebuild, but the booking should be rescinded.

IFAB rules can be found on their website.


  1. Knew it. The rules at Ipox are different from any other ground in the UK. Nick Walsh has chosen to work for his masters at North Lanarkshire referees association, rather than the HONEST people who pay his wages. Take Walsh out of service. A person who does NOT know the rules CANNOT referee a match. The game must be Null & Void. No replay.
    How can someone who should know the rules, display a complete ignorance of said rules, and referee a match. What an utter FOOL you are Mr. WALSH.

  2. Sorry but blaming referees all the time just doesn’t wash any more.
    23 points behind, no trophies, not even making the Semi Finals, disasterous European campaigns.

    Umpteen poor signings and bad decisions off the field like going to Dubai, not sacking Lennon in autumn, not getting replacement quickly-is that due to poor refereeing?

    Anyone blaming all that on refereeing is sticking their head in the sand and is severely deluded.

    We have been the authors of our downfall, not referees/Masons/SPFL or anyone else you care to mention

  3. Definitely a lot of truth in what you say but 11 v 10 all very easy. Refereeing this season has been abysmal. Would they have won it anyway maybe but we will never know.

  4. I agree with the last writer. stop making excuses for lukewarm performances at best. Rangers were clinical in front of goal. Our forwards looked like they have never seen a goal. We were well beaten. Had we had eleven on the park we would still have been beaten. Poor season cemented by a lack of commitment by several players. The fact that a manager has not been installed doesn’t make matters any better. I think supporters should withhold their season ticket money until the Club get this shambles sorted

  5. “In no way am i making excuses for another insipid display” …this is what the author of this article said to clarify that he acknowledges the sending off was NOT an excuse.
    Moonshot and Tony,can either of you read ?
    Before you start losing the plot,i agree this disaster of a season was almost entirely of our own doing. Brutal campaign,we’re deeply wounded,but wounds heal and we’ll be back…history has repeatedly shown us that.


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