NEIL MCCANN has bemoaned the way Celtic took his best player away on transfer deadline day.

The Scottish Champions got the Jack Hendry transfer done and dusted with just minutes to spare, however, Dundee knew of the clubs interest for the whole of the window which makes McCann’s moaning a little peculiar.

The feeling was at Celtic, that it was just a matter of time before they got their man. Dundee rejected an initial bid but the two parties were in dialogue throughout the window.

McCann says the late deal left him somewhat disappointed.

“The disappointing thing for me was how late in the day Celtic left it to decide to get their business done.

“It left me with no time whatsoever to get any business done myself.

“I was desperate to keep Jack, but I was mindful that should Celtic come in with the right offer that the club can’t turn down, I have to have someone who can step in and bolster the squad.

“I wasn’t allowed to do that because I can’t sign a player at one minute to 12 because it takes a bit of times to go through and by that time these players may have other options.


  1. McCann is niggled by ANYTHING to do with Celtic. He is a bitter wee hun. It was obvious the player was keen to sign for Celtic and that the deal would be sorted out. If he didn’t have a player lined up to replace Hendry he is a poor manager too.

  2. McCann seriously seriously doesnt want to accept the fact,Celtic are the Show in Scotland.This Dissapointed nonsense is just a Typical Reflection of a Typical Hun.So Neil,What do you think of the Dissapointment Every Honest Player realising,Your Old Dead Club cheated every single team they played I mean it went on for Years.Now the dissapointing point in this is,We know You lot are an utter disgrace,But you ram your Dissapointment….DelooDeid Bsterd…HH


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