It could be argued Celtic have never had a better chance to extend their worldwide reach and find major sources of revenue away from the usual sources.

The introduction of Ange Postecoglou as the Celtic manager and four Japanese players on our books has helped the team and results immensely this season, but beyond the pitch Celtic are looking to go big in both the Australian and Japanese market.

Celtic have their own Japanese social on Twitter and have a small team working out of Japan to help make in-roads with fans who want to follow the fortunes of their compatriots.

The Australia tournament, while having lots of opposition, is another major attempt to make a big splash in Australia. Couple that with the announcement on Thursday the club have become partners with Sports Entertainment Network in Australia.

It’s a major deal for the club and will help make it easier for Australians to follow the club down under.

SEN will broadcast a live feed of all Celtic’s matches which can be heard on the SEN App and SEN fanatic DAB+ channels.

Playing out of the Scottish League is not financially rewarding, we must always look to find sources of revenue and help the club grow beyond our own shores. Making these moves now will hopefully see new supporters follow the club and stuck with us, even after Ange has left the building.


  1. Revenue for what ? History has taught me , the directors pockets ! investment in football and the team, I await but won’t hold my breath. Of course, no doubt I’m just being negative, having watched almost 60 years of repetition when it comes to player investment and “building ” a team on the park. Time will tell.


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