It was unclear if he was going to touchdown in Dubai to meet his new teammates or if he would be waiting until Celtic’s return to Glasgow but tonight Issouf Bayo has landed in Dubai and is set to train with his new club.

The new £2million signing is set to meet the Celtic boss and the rest of the squad after flying into the country from his honeymoon.

Bayo just recently tied the knot and was enjoying time off with his new bride when Celtic came calling.

Bayo posted the image above on his Instagram story.

Brendan Rodgers spoke earlier this week about the qualities Bayo will bring to the team. He has a real intensity surrounding his attacking game and is great in the air.

Celtic have been missing a player who can command the air and get among the goals from set pieces.

Having signed a four-year deal, the striker has plenty of time to impress.


  1. Dear Mr Desmond, please take note, only you can stop us getting 10 in a row. I am not a financial guru like yourself but its hard to ignore the amount of cash that Celtic have earned Vs the relatively pitiful amount that’s been invested in the squad. While the squad has basically took a step backwards and allowed our liquidated neighbours to catch up, your Bhoys on the board have been building a hotel, installing disco lights and rewarding themselves with £2million bonuses; a sum we grudge spending for a striker to replace one we sold for over £20 million. To add perspective, you will also be aware Celtic earned at least £60 million in Champions League money over two seasons, Dembele was sold for more than £20 million, Amstrong was sold for £7million and another £7million was pocketed from VVD. A bunch of other guys also disappeared from the club discreetly to reduce the wage bill, so where has this £100million gone and why is our double treble winning manager not trusted to use most of that money to bring in certified quality? Even our new bad neighbours are laughing at you and our board, who are forcing Rodgers to develop inflexible short loans and cheap gambling projects for other clubs? Even the £9million spent on French Eddy doesn’t even put a dent in the cash earned.

    I wonder if you noticed from afar, whilst debasing our club in comparison to one of your much loved EPL clubs, perhaps whilst sitting in one of your two luxury tropical island hotels or new mansion in Ireland or whilst working on your new football club or maybe even just counting your £2.3 Billion, that our much mocked zombie foes have indeed come back from the dead, and they pose a genuine threat to your share price? Yes, maybe it was a one off bad day at the office at new year and maybe their new 36 year old superstar won’t quite live upto the hype but let’s be honest here, Celtic need to take the threat seriously. Our rivals are throwing everything at this, they are going all in. What are your buddies on the board doing, playing super safe, apparently building for the future by sticking to the “strategy”. Yeah, sounds logical & sensible but the only problem is it is quite the opposite of what is required right now. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices and take chances in order to stay on top and progress. The strategy has its merits but it has a serious flaw in that it does not take into account the human factors. Sporting achievement is more than a good account balance, it requires risk taking, it requires moral support and it requires the freedom to create and grow. Everything in the current “strategy” is designed to restrict any risk taking and any freedom to grow. The only growth here has come from Brendans influence and even that is taken away from him with the only purpose in your mind to sell them asap to a foreign competitor. The consequence is inevitable that he will get fed up of the lack of creative growth. So I don’t buy the nonsense about the realities of the game and the gulf in resources etc. None of this is news to you and probably why you are are such an elusive coward, happy to take take take and give nothing in return. Your personal value has increased from £1.5 to £2.3 Billion over the last few years, Celtic FC has also earned around £100million in the last few years but you still refuse to deviate from this strategy of boring unprogressive stability for the club, which ultimately is a gamble of the faith of its supporters, who will not be slow in taking their time money and faith elsewhere, should Celtic fail to get 10 in a row.

    To be fair, the window is not long open and maybe you and your board will see the merit in ensuring the club remain dominant in Scotland. I live in hope! For a man who is never seen at Celtic park and refuses to reach into his own deep pockets or the cubs on stockpile of cash to reinvest, I am not convinced. I suspect we may get a couple of more cheap gambles and maybe one player around the £4-6million mark but in reality, it is not beyond ease for the club to buy 3 players at £10 million each. I will settle for two. This will pay for itself, with continued dominance in Scotland and money earned from Europe. Any investment less than this, is an invitation for trouble.

  2. Well said, but I doubt any notice of your superb letter will be taken. Shame really as lots of us supporters feel the same way.

  3. Ten in a row is something that gets kits sold, season tickets and mostly bums on seats even during the rainy windy, cold winter months be it Saturday, heaven forbid Sunday and midweek games against the other members of the Leagues. Mr Desmond has invested in cheap players, as he left instructions with the blokes who also invest in Celtics future to bring in youngsters and make them Tic, then move them on for inflated prices to the Epl. That’s how they run his subbuto set for him. And how he invests some of his ready money in Celtic, rather than buying Arabian racehorses or young wifes. And long may it continue. I for one have invested quite a few bob in Celtic over the years, like many other supporters. And I no longer continue. But there is still plenty of others who have taken my place.


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