Celtic will have a Champions league tie in the third week of July. It’s not a long time away and certainly not enough time to secure all the targets we need for the upcoming season.

It means we’re going to have to do one of two things:

Field want away players who have failed to make the grade in recent years. Or start inexperienced players.

Both are very risky and where we’re at now because we’ve taken so long for this rebuild to truly get underway

Can we trust the guys who want to leave the club to give it there all if they’re working their ticket out of Celtic Park? Human nature will tell you when it comes to a 50/50 or throwing themselves into the game, they might not want to get injured.

If they were to hurt themselves playing for Celtic in the qualifiers, their big money move goes up in smoke.

Playing youngsters and players who haven’t had much experience at any first team level has a lot of risk but you might get a player or two who surprise the staff. If you have players trying to prove their worth a first team place, you could get a result.


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