Celtic have appointed Anton McElhone as their new head of Sports Science. We reported on the news earlier this afternoon.

Ange Postecoglou was very keen to get the position filled after it was vacated by Jack Nayler in the summer.

It’s a pivotal role for Ange because the football he wants his players to play will take a tremendous toll on their body and conditioning. It’s absolutely vital the manager and Anton are singing from the same hymn sheet.

So who is Anton McElhone?

The new head of Celtic Sport science has worked in Scottish football before. He was a Queens Park then a Hibernian coach for their academies in the early 00s.

The coach spent three years at Hibernian before being headhunted by Spurs to join their academy backroom team. Overall, Anton spent 10 years at the London club holding a number of positions. Working with elite players like Harry Kane.

Anton left Spurs in 2018 to head state side where he had an 11 month stint as the assistant coach at New England Revolution.

Latterly the coach has spent five months as Bradford City assistant coach and has been the assistant manager at Greenock Morton and became the interim manager for a period.

He takes up a Celtic role that will call on all his footballing experience and he gets to work with a top drawer coach in Ange Postecoglou.

Let’s hope this is the first signing of many to build a new structure for Ange.


  1. What to eat, how much and when, when to exercise and with what. Who to exercise with and how long to. That used to be called common sense. Today is called a Nutritional sporting expert. Money for auld rope, but Celtic should take heid of what they say. Be that a woman or man. For they went to university to learn their trade in sports science.


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