The Celtic Foundation has announced a £400,000 contribution to those in fuel crisis across Scotland.

The initiative has been fully sponsored by Celtic and it will see 6,200 households receive a fuel voucher of £49.

500 more will receive a ‘winter warmer self-care package’. This will consist of help and advice to cut energy usage, blankets, pairs of socks, hand warmers and food vouchers.

The club’s charity will work alongside the Fuel Bank Foundation. Work will not only target Glasgow and the west, with households all over Scotland able to receive the help.

The Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive Tony Hamilton admitted it is a tough time for many with the rising cost of living, but admitted the work the foundation is doing simply won’t be enough.

“Life is becoming increasingly difficult for many people in our communities, and we must do something to help alleviate that.

“Energy prices today are double what they were only a year ago and, although there’s some protection with the current price cap, that is set to rise again in April.

“The Foundation is in a position to help some people through this investment, and, although £400,000 is a big number for us, there are so many more individuals and families needing help that we just won’t reach.

“Thanks to our partners and those who have donated to get us to this point. There’s something truly special about those who support the Foundation and the club in this way – and we will never take that support for granted.”

It’s great to see the club still very much pushing the charitable ethos on what the club was founded upon.


  1. Wrap up. Eat well. Stay warm and dry,. Do a Huddle. Go for a walk whilst the star is shining. Go to bed early and embrace each other. Stay happy, the winter blues will pass. Spring into Summer.


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