ANGE POSTECOGLOU has revealed his reasons to bring a data analyst into the club, admitting he is not too knowledgeable on the subject.

Data is a massive part of the modern game, with some clubs now basing their scouting targets based on the information they gather through the systems.

Ange was honest and made a comical remark on the subject. As quoted by The National.

“The one that gets me is XL because that’s all my clothes.”

On to more serious matters, Ange admitted that he wasn’t too knowledgeable on the subject and reveals why he brought Benfica’s Antoine Ortega to Celtic.

“I’ve got no idea, mate, that’s why I’ve brought Antoine in! The analytics thing is well beyond me. Like you, I went through my schooling with a pen and paper.

“That’s where the future of a lot of scouting and player identification is going. These young guys are much better skilled at – and schooled in – getting the right information, then filtering it and putting it in a form that you and I can understand.

“It’s a massive growth area in football and we’re always looking for bright people who can come in and help us in those areas.”

Posctecoglou also disclosed that Ortega was already working behind the scenes.

“Antoine has already started and there is a lot going on, stuff that doesn’t affect us in the short term so much, but is still important to what we want to build.”

It’s brilliant to see the manager bringing in knowledgeable people to join him in his backroom staff.

I expect Postecoglou to bring in more experts to surround himself with to enable his team to progress.


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