After Aberdeen had to fight for more briefs for their semi-final at Hampden against The Rangers it appears there will be no fight needed for Hearts as they get set to receive 50 per cent of the allocation for Murrayfield against Celtic.

Celtic and Hearts will do battle at the end of the month in Edinburgh with a place in the Bet Fred Cup Final at stake.

Both clubs will receive 30,000 briefs each for the 60,000 seater. It will be interesting to see if Hearts sell out their allocation.

It will also be interesting to see if any Celtic fans decide to boycott the event after the SPFL’s ridiculous handling of this whole fiasco. From setting the game up on the same days at the same stadiums to pushing Celtic over to Murrayfield without a proper explanation, it all has been a bit of a joke.

Celtic expressed their concern at the decision last week.


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