Celtic fans are convinced their club’s social media team has taken a cheeky swipe at arch-rivals Rangers, and it’s hard not to see their point.

Just a day after Rangers announced delays in their Ibrox redevelopment, Celtic posted a video showcasing the swift progress of their new East End Training Centre. Rangers’ hold-up is due to a delayed shipment of steel needed for a new cantilever section, part of an upgrade for disabled facilities. This delay, set to push their schedule back until late July, has already cost one employee their job and may force the team to find an alternative venue for their early-season matches.

Celtic, ever the opportunists, released their update on Friday, highlighting that their project is “progressing at pace” and “forging ahead.”

Fans couldn’t help but notice the pointed choice of words and timing, suggesting it was more than just a progress report. The use of “forging,” in particular, seemed a sly nod to Rangers’ steel-related woes.

This petty jab has gone down well with the Celtic support who always like to see wee jabs taken at our rivals when they’re down. A month ago Celtic won the league title and beat them in the Scottish cup final, they’re not having the best time of it.

25th May 2024; Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland: Scottish Cup Football Final, Celtic versus Rangers; Greg Taylor of Celtic reacts to Todd Cantwell of Rangers

Celtic’s video features impressive footage of the East End Training Centre, showcasing state-of-the-art facilities and rapid development. The juxtaposition between Celtic’s smooth progress and Rangers’ stumbling blocks is amusing.

Social media has been buzzing with comments from Celtic supporters, gleefully pointing out the timing and language of the post.

As always, the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers extends beyond the pitch, permeating every aspect of the clubs’ operations. From transfers and performances to, evidently, even construction projects, the competition remains fierce. It’s the height of pettiness and we absolutely love it!


  1. If you pay peanuts, you must be the Munkeyz of Glasgow.

    Makes a change, as the Munkeyz support tear down disabled facility’s when they visit Paradise.

    Ok one of their support was in the bog doin a dump, and they continued to do some changing rooms whilst they wiped.

  2. It’s easy enough for the PLC to have their wee jokes at the Huns’ expense. When it comes to the real issues however-EBTs, The 5WA, VAR, Cheating referees-Lawwell and his fellow cowards/collaborators are nowhere to be seen.

    Hail Hail.


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