It appears there will be no cooperation between Celtic and Sky Sports until Ofcom have finished investigating the broadcaster for their poor translation of an Alfredo Morelos interview.

The club didn’t accept Sky Sports apology after they held their hands up to subtitles accusing Celtic fans of racism were bogus. The club made an official complaint to Ofcom and it’s now in the hands of the independent body.

Celtic took more action on Tuesday when they wouldn’t allow a Sky Sports reporter into the pre-match press conference with Odsonne Edouard and Neil Lennon.

According to RecordSport, this is a trend likely to continue until Ofcom have investigated this fully. The tabloid claim the club will take the same stance during the Sky covered Aberdeen game on Sunday:

“It’s also unlikely that they’ll speak to Sky Sports before and after matches with the trip to Aberdeen due to be shown live on Sunday.”

We’re unsure of Celtic’s media obligations and what they’re required to provide the broadcaster under the current deal. We’ve seen Ibrox bosses in the past refuse to do interviews after heavy Celtic defeats with no punishment and given the gravity of the accusations made against the club, Celtic are within their rights to ignore them.

It would signal another rising of tension between the club and broadcaster.


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