Celtic’s social media account is currently under siege from Celtic fans wondering why they decided to sneak a Happy Birthday message in for ex-Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers.

The Irishman won so much and gave us some great times but the way he left is still a point of contention for many. There are fans who are in acceptance of his decision to leave Celtic high and dry but others not so much.

It’s not even been a year since Celtic fans woke up to the news Brendan had fled in the night to Leicester.

It was hard to take because he laid his Celtic fandom on thick while managing The club.

I’m sure in time his efforts will be more appreciated down the line and you’ll even have people going mad anyone would say a bad word about him now. But the club were never going to get an easy ride sneaking in a happy birthday at 8pm on a Sunday. Nice Try.


  1. I agree. Good Times had by all. St Brendan gave his best. He made most Celtic fans believe in attaining only the best, after years of the short shrift board. Can you blame him for trying elsewhere. No neither can I. Happy birthday 2u Br.


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